We stand for a diverse, open and inclusive society. As a political party, we act democratically and in accordance with the Basic Law. Thus, we oppose any form of discrimination, violence, extremism, right-wing propaganda and conspiracy beliefs.

Who is radikal:klima

We are a steadily growing group of determined Berliner:innen since January 2020, who stand up for a climate positive city as part of the climate justice movement.

Last year, the movement collected over 40,000 signatures for the declaration of a climate emergency in Berlin and an ambitious, 1.5°-compliant climate policy. The response from the red-red-green coalition? Symbolic politics and empty lip service.

Unfortunately, we have seen that our elected representatives put their political success above scientific consensus – and above our future. So there is little left to lose and all the more to gain.

We are united by the conviction that the climate catastrophe is avoidable, but only through radical social change in the next 10 years. To achieve this, we need an ambitious program that we will develop together with residents, urban initiatives, scientists and independent experts and take this program to the Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus (Berlin House of Representatives) as part of the Klimaliste (Climate List).

That is why we are now running for the next Berlin elections ourselves!

radikal:klima is part of the Klimaliste family and their Berlin “offshoot”. Klimalisten are currently emerging nationwide in many regions. The goal is to bring necessary climate policy into the parliaments and thus to work intensively for the 1.5 degree target. The Klimalisten take part in local and state elections nationwide and aim to push through the climate policy change from grassroots level.